Sunday, November 13, 2016


He said "Make America Great Again" and won.  And I'm not sure it would have made that big a difference in the long run if it had gone the other way.  Most of us know, the rich run the government, and we are all just NPC's to them.

But I have been thinking about what that phrase means to me, when was America ever great for the most people?  I guess we also all know it has ever only really been great for wealthy white male landowners.  All the rest of us have always been NPC's or worse.

But that doesn't mean that there haven't been some things that have been great along the way, things that we could still do to at least make daily life a little greater.

Let's be real, we have been pushed to the limits of busyness.  We need margins in our lives.  I don't mean down time, veg time, I mean a time out from the biased media.  We need time to build and dream and make for ourselves.

If we could know our neighbors a little better, that could build stronger and more peaceful communities, which could be pretty great.  In my Grandma's neighborhood, when the weather was nice, people sat on their porches after supper, or walked up and down the street and visited.  It is harder to hate someone when you know there names, when your kids play together.

Find a way to do something nice for the needy in your community.  I don't have much money, you don't have much money, none of us have time.  But you probably know a place to drop off a few can goods to help the hungry, or a package of socks to a homeless shelter.  Do what you can, you will feel better for it and it might help.

Take personal responsibility.  This is a tough one.  Be the better person.  Be the one with manners, the one who shows respect.  Admit it when you blow it.  Apologize,  make amends.  Don't complain unless you are willing to pitch in and help do the work to fix it.

The great parts have always been when we think outside the box and come up with new ways to get things done.  The great parts have always been when we take care of each other.  The greatest is when we look beyond skin and status and work together to build something a little better for our kids.

And please, more than anything else, lay aside hate.  First do no harm, no violence, no destruction.  Yeah, your pissed off, I get it.  It is hard being an NPC, so start being a fully self directed individual.  My grandkids are counting on you playing your heart out.

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