Saturday, September 10, 2016

While I'm at it, food podcasts I like

Another well represented subset of podcasts I enjoy are centered on the subject of cooking and eating.  Like yesterday's post, please to share if you have a favorite I have missed.  I am just going to talk about these in the order they show up in my feed, so alphabetically.  I'm not going to post links, as I believe they are all very easily searchable.

America's Test Kitchen Radio
I listen to many podcasts that are also radio programs. I love having this ability to hear these shows on my schedule.  America's Test Kitchen is probably known to many home cooks, more likely as a TV show.  I really don't know what I like the best about this show, the taste comparisons, the product and gadget reviews, or reports on food trends.  This and more is all presented by interesting and personable hosts. Sometimes there are repeats of segments or whole shows, but that is true of many of these more professionally produced podcasts.  Still, this is usually the one I listen to first on Monday mornings, and it helps get my work week started right.

Fork Report
This is a local radio show that airs on Saturdays on KFI.  Neil Saavedra (sp?) has been a long time producer and sometimes host on the station, and I have enjoyed his work for many years.  I also sometimes like to listen to The Jesus Christ Show that he does on Sunday mornings, but only in bits and pieces, now and then. He is a little too orthodox for me.  This food show, however, is a favorite. He offers hints, food news, and cooking ideas like the other podcasts.  In addition, he talks about local restaurants and food related events.  He often has guests from the SoCal area bring in food and drink which he samples and comments on during the show.  There are occasional remote broadcasts as well. It should be mentioned that Neil is a big Disneyland fan and an annual passholder, so he includes the culinary news from the happiest place on earth.

KCRW's Good Food
This podcast covers some of the same news as the other ones I listen to.  It also talks about some of the same events and local eateries as the Fork Report.  What distinguishes this one for me is, first, it's focus on stories of global changes and our food supply and, second, on local and sustainable food.  I enjoy that they include a weekly trip to the Santa Monica farmers market and often talk with local chefs and vendors about what is in season and how to use it.

The Splendid Table
This podcast from America Public Media is hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper, of the beautiful, full, fruity voice.  Some ot the stories are the same, some of the guests are the same as are likely to show up on the other two public radio shows I have mentioned.  I think she does more call in questions, and she has a wider, even international, audience.  There are two particular segments I really enjoy that are unique to this show.  One is almost every week, Road Food with Jane and Michel Stern.  They have their own website, and have been traveling the highways and byways of America for years, eating in every out of the way place you can imagine.  I love to hear their take on regional specialties, and if I ever get to take a major (or even a minor) road trip, I will be looking at their website for places to try.  The other less frequent segment is when Lynne plays Stump the Cook with a call in audience member.  They tell her some ingredients they have, and she can add a few more, but only if they actually have them, and then she describes what she would make with them.  Often she will have a guest foodie as well as the audience member commenting on her idea and then if they say they would consider cooking and eating it, Lynne wins, cheers all around.  This suits my way of cooking; not "here's a recipe, go get the ingredients" but "this was on sale, what can I do with it."

So there you go, hope that makes for some tasty listening.

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