Friday, September 9, 2016

Some podcasts I have been meaning to mention

When I first walked away from the Sunday Club I used to attend, I thought I would find another club.  But every time I thought to visit another one, I felt sick to my stomach (can you say PTSD?).  Then I got this incredibly boring and repetitive job and discovered the wonderful world of podcasts.  Today I want to talk about three, in particular, that helped me walk though this changing time in my life.

The first one I found was the Into the Wild Podcast.
Darin Hufford was just as angry and fed up as I was.  Eventually he went through changes and I went through changes.  I don't listen anymore, but I won't say anything against it.  I don't highly recommend it anymore either, but I need to mention it, because it was what I needed for a time.

Because of mentions on Into the Wild, I discovered The God Journey.
Wayne Jacobson and Brad Cummings have talked though a lot of ideas and seasons over the years I have been listening.  They talk honestly about getting to know a God who really loves us, without all the religious expectations.  I hesitate to say too much about who they are, what they have done, and what they are known for.  If you choose to listen a bit, I would like to to not come with too many presuppositions.  But, in case you were wondering one way or the other, they do come from a Christ centered place, but without a lot of the uptight BS, just a lot of freedom and love.

There used to be a God Journey Forum that I participated on for a time.  Because of some of the interactions there, I met a few people that I only know online, on Facebook now, but who I truly treasure.  Everytime, I think I have gotten everything from this conversation that I can, something new starts unfolding for me.  It truly is a part of my ongoing journey.

Another podcast that had a good long season with me, but has somewhat fallen to my way side is Beyond the Box.
If you are interested in unpacking some complicated theology, especially about ultimate reconciliation and non-violence, then I would recommend that you listen through  some of the older episodes.

If you have been reading this blog or my other one, ( ) then you know that my spiritual journey is ongoing and not exactly inside the walls.  This being said, if you know of a podcast that you think might interest me, please do let me know.  I'm still working that boring, repetitive job.

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