Saturday, December 5, 2015

So now I'm old and I'm f'ing dissapointed

The end of the year of celebrating a significant birthday is almost to the end.  Big whoop, I'm old now, feel free to ignore any future birthdays.  The truth is, there are many things in my life that did NOT turn out the way I hoped, I am am fucking disappointed.

NEVER ONCE did Simon and Garfunkle drive by while I was singing to myself and ask me to be a backup singer.

We do not routinely travel to other planets.  We still barely leave earth and I have to accept that I am never going to.  Doesn't look good for my kids, either.  I mean, maybe some aliens will come by and show us the way or something, but I still probably wouldn't get to go.

I am NOT a famous poet.  I have not even been published.  Please overlook the fact that I'm scared shitless to submit stuff.  This is my list, so I get to whine about it if I want.

The world has not recognized the superiority of any of my offspring and made them RICH and famous so that they can support me in the manner I would like to get used to.

I never got to sleep with...ew, gross...nevermind, he got old too.

Sometimes when I look in the mirror I see, no not my mother, I see my father when he needed a haircut and his hair was all standing on end and his eyes looked crazy.  WTF?  I get that aging is inevitable, but whiskers?  Really?

And I am so disappointed you could even say that I'm pissed the fuck off that people are still being judged by skin color.  I really thought we were changing the world.

We protested.

Not just skin color, but gender.

And war.  What happened to peace?  I helped smash the shit out of an old car one time as a fundraiser for Another Mother for Peace and I wasn't even a mother yet?

We were powerful, we were going to change to world.  Seriously, where the fuck did we go wrong?  I am mad as hell and I may be old but I'm so mad I'd be willing to go out right now and join a protest.

Too bad it's past my bedtime.  And tomorrow I have got to do my laundry.  That really wears me out, so I might need a nap.

Just as long as you understand how really disappointed I am.

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