Friday, April 3, 2015


I was just sitting here thinking about a friend.  Well, not exactly a friend, someone I kinda know 'cause someone said we should be friends so I friended her and didn't really feel like I had a lot in common with and still don't really know her except what shows up on my news feed but you know what...

She is an amazing person.  I mean really cool.  Nothing about how she looks or talks or acts would clue me into this, but she does this really mind blowing art.

So I started thinking about all the people I know, all the people who I admire, and some who irritate me. I started thinking about all these lovely, erudite, complex, cool, strange, creative, faithful, brilliant, obnoxious people that I know. And I wonder why they call me friend.

I think I'm boring. I have passion, but not a lot of energy to back it up. Art dances in my head, but rarely makes it much farther. I'm not terribly attractive. I'm nice and I can be funny sometimes and I know I'm my own worse critic but....

I am my own worse critic, but....

Here is my prayer for today: God, help me hear the kind voices of my loving friends today instead of the cruel voices of my past.

Help me understand that there is a reason I have so many amazing friends.

Help me see my own amazing.


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