Friday, February 27, 2015

Spock Crush

Why would a teenage girl lust after a TV character whose main trait is a lack of emotion?

Well, I mean besides the part that he was beautiful in an exotic way.

I don't know about the generations that followed me, but I can speculate about those in my own age range, we who were just beginning to blossom when the voyages of the starship Enterprise first flew across our screens.

I think it's a daddy issue.  Think about it, our daddy's were of the age when men were men.  They were WWII vets.  Their role models were John Wayne and James Arness.  Our dads were tough and hard and distant, or pretended to be.

It was the dawning of the age of aquarius - barely.  Family gender roles that had been set in stone were just beginning to shake and shift.  Hair was growing longer and freer, flowers were beginning to be added.  And hey, maybe all wars were not noble.

And here comes this series set in the future that pushed the boundaries of what you could talk about on TV.  There were races working together, including (gasp) a Russian!  There was the first interracial kiss on TV (even if they were forced by aliens, and they didn't really show it).

So, here is your average young geek girl, feeling her hormones stir.  Her daddy is a man of his time, cold and distant.  Of all those hunky guys on that starship bridge, why Mr. Spock?


Because what could be hotter than dream about being irresistible and eliciting emotions from this beautiful man that doesn't do emotions.

If you can dream that, maybe you can even dream of a daddy that can express love, and maybe, someday, someone else as well.

I have admired Leonard Nimoy for many reasons in the years sense, and I am joining with many others today, marking his end on this plain with tears in my eyes.

And lust in my heart.

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