Saturday, January 17, 2015

Self serving blindness

I try not to think about it, because it still makes me go grrr.  I didn't feel up to doing something I really enjoy, so as I wasn't going off to do the fun thing with everyone else it was forcefully suggested to me that I clean up everyone elses mess while they were gone.

Why were so many of these otherwise nice people who like me (1) oblivious to their own messes, (2) think that I was staying behind because I didn't want to do fun thing, and (3) assume it was ok to tell, not ask nicely mind you, to labor while they were gone.

Why do people complain about dishes in the sink, unless they are their own?

Why do other people hair in the sink gross us out, but we will ignore our own?

Come on, be real, we all do it.  The thing that distinguishes a considerate person is that they are able to see these things through the other person's eyes and take action.  The take action part is just a matter of deciding that you will not be lazy. But the seeing part is trickier.

Self-serving blindness, we all do it sometimes.  We all only see the side of the story that is going to make us the good guy, or get us out of the job we don't want to do.  So instead of confronting the really hard to talk to people about cleaning up after themselves, to pick on the meek old ladies who have cleaned up after themselves and make them clean up after everyone else, as well.

And meek old ladies have their own self serving ways.  We have years of accumulated knowledge of observing masters of passive aggressive behaviors.  We also have patience, and really long memories.

And in the spirit of my ideal of being honest and upfront in all my dealings, I admit to my own self-serving blindness.  I'm not good at confrontation and yeah I'm still pissed off.  So there.

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